Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Month Check In

I have now been on Weight Watchers for one month.  My starting weight was 264 lbs.  One month later, I am down to 253 lbs!  11 lbs. lost!  Since my last update, I have joined a gym.  My first day was an hour long, super-charged work out with my personal trainer.  I have been going two days a week, and hour each day.  Since the start of my diet, I have almost cut out soda completely.  I"ll admit, I'll have one or two when we go out.  But at home, water for me!  I have so much more energy now!  I have also noticed a change in my skin.  I'm not breaking out all over my face anymore.  This week though, my work outs have been limited, I got stitches in my finger on Mother's Day and now have a toddler with a fever from teething.  I'll update you again next month, I just hope this keeps on working!

May 13, 2012

May 17, 2012: One Month Mark ~ 253 lbs.
Down 11 lbs. from my start date,
down 4 lbs. from my last update. 

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Walimaulana said...


success to down 11 lbs in one month..

Like your hope.. hope you can reach your target..and I think that's not easy and challenge to get more as your target..

success for you