Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Summer Bucket List

Ok, I'll admit it, I am addicted to Pinterest!  The problem is I keep pinning all of these awesome craft ideas, but have yet to do any!  I told my husband that this summer, I was going to create a bucket list of DIY crafts and projects.  I am still building my list, and I hope to include lots of crafts that my kids can help with.  But for now, I have a select few I would like to start with:
  1. Treat stands 
  2. Blinged out birthday candles 
  3. New flooring in my stairwell
My list is continuing to grow, but these are the three I have chosen to start with.  And you know I'm gonna have to share them with you as I do them!  But for now, you can watch my list grow on my Summer Bucket List board on Pinterest

Happy crafting!

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