Monday, July 21, 2014

The No-Poo Trend?

I'm going to admit, I get very skeptical about "trends".  Lately I've been reading a whole lot about the "no-poo" trend..........or, no shampoo.  I don't know about you, but I tend to have very oily hair.  I can wash my hair in the morning, and shortly after it dries, it's oily again.  This prevents me from doing a whole lot with my hair (a pony tail is my go to hairstyle).  Last week my husband started talking to me about how he heard by not using shampoo, you'll have healthier hair.  I of course told him how I could not possibly go without shampoo because of my grease-ball of a head!  Then he made a point.......maybe my hair was oily because of the shampoo.  Hmmmm?  I've since read that shampoo actually strips your hair of the natural oils, and what you end up with is your head/hair trying to produce those oils again.....leaving you with oily hair.

So this morning, after two days of not shampooing my hair......I decided to wash it with a baking soda mixture.  I've read that the baking soda cleans the dirt from your scalp, without stripping your hair.  I then used apple cider vinegar to rinse my hair.  My mom used to rinse my hair with cider vinegar because it "brought out the red highlights in my hair".  So now as I sit here typing, I can smell the vinegar lose it's strength as my hair starts to dry.  Let it be known, I am still very skeptical of this no-poo trend, but here I am giving it a shot!  I'll try to update you in a week with photos of my hair.