Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hats for Cancer: The Tour

This morning I donated all of the hats that I made, as well as the ones that were donated, to the David C. Pratt Cancer Center at St. John's Mercy in St. Louis! The David C. Pratt Cancer Center is home to the Cardinal Kids Cancer Center for Children. Donations for this peditric cancer center were made by the St. Louis Cardinals as well as members of the community!

The entire pediatric cancer center was a St. Louis Cardinal theme! They had private rooms for kids to rest, homework areas, play areas, the ceiling changed colors, and a relaxing place for the parents as well! I was amazed by all of the hard work and care they put into this center for the children! While there, the only patient that was there recieving treatment was a two year old boy. He had already lost all of his hair. He was on the hunt for some cookies! So we didn't bother his mission!

After our tour of the cancer center, we were asked if we would like to visit the new Children's Hospital. They took us up to the very private NICU. It was heartbreaking seeing the babies so helpless in their incubaters. After we left the NICU, we headed to another part of the Children's Hospital were the Ronald McDonald Foundation was located. They had plenty of luxuries for parents who spent most of their time, a place to rest/sleep, a place to do laundry, and plenty of entertainment. While there, a littl boy (maybe about 6 or 7) ran by us....he was playing hide and seek with his dad! They give the children braclets with alarms on them so they can have free roam on the Children's Hospital. We also saw the very large activity room! There was a little girl in there making cookies with LOTS of icing with a nurse for St. Patty's Day!

I'm so thankful for everyone who donated hats! I wish you all could have been there too!

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Thank you to the following people who donated hats for this as well:

Crystal Vogelsang, Amanda Moutos, Selissa Palmer, and Angela Genovese.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Product Review: Pocketful of Clovers

I found Pocketful of Clovers when I was going through a giveaway on Facebook one day. The little "peggies" were too adorable! Of course I didn't win, so I had to order one! I have a 6 month old son, and of cousre I'm already thinking about what we could possibly buy him for his first birthday! Now, these peggies are little wooden pegs that are hand painted and can be customized any way you would like! I ordered a big guy peggy and had it painted as Woody from Toy Story!
Now, I knew that since these items are hand painted and the detailing is incredible, it would take a while before my peggy arrived, but that was not the case! Woody arrived about 4 days after we ordered him! Very fast and friendly service! He also came tucked in a little pouch! This was intended to be a trial to see if we wanted to order the rainbow set for my son's 1st birthday.....but my 6 year old daughter got ahold of it and now wants a set! Looks like I'm going to have to order 2 full set now!
I highly recommend this product for anyone from 6 months to 100! I have noticed she has also done peggies to look like actual people!!!!! So much fun!!!! I will be a repeat customer for sure!

For more information, or to order your own Peggies....please visit:!/Pocketful.of.Clovers?sk=wall

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Product Review: Newborn Necessities

I was asked by Jennifer Cigale to do a review of her book. If you don't know who Jennifer is, you will soon! She is the author of Newborn Necessities. The book isn't too big, which makes it the perfect size to fit into almost any purse or diaper bag so you can keep track of your baby wherever you go! This is one tool I really wish I would have had when my children were born! As a mother of two, I know the importance of keeping track of your babies day. Not only does it make it easier to answer questions the doctor may have, but the feeding chart is a valuable tool when it comes to creating a feeding schedule for your little peanut!

Newborn Necessities is a very resourceful tool for new parents. Not only does it outline what you should expect the first week after you bring your little one home, but it also offers charts for you to keep track of feedings and your new babies dirty deeds!

If I were a book critic, I would give this book a 5 star review! But I'm not, but I can recommend that you order a copy of this book for any mom-to-be, or yourself!

This book is available for purchase for $8.99 at, Borders, and through Tate Publishing.

For more information, you can find Jennifer on Facebook at

You can also find more information at

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hats For Cancer

I have been knitting and collecting hats for the past month to donate to the Cardinal Kids Cancer Center at St. John's Mercy in St. Louis, MO. I haven't taken my tour of the cancer center yet, however, I thought I would thank everyone who has donated their time and skills towards this cause!

Lily Bean Bowtique
Angela Genovese - Owner

Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique
Amanda Moutos - Owner

Kate Tabers

Crystal Vogelsang

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Product Review: Lady Bug Soaps

Today I received my samples of Fairie Meadows and Mystical Magic from Lady Bug Soaps! As I opened my mailbox I could smell the sweet aroma! This made me excited to open the package!

Left: Fairie Meadows, Right: Mystical Love

Fairie meadow is made up of peppermint with a touch of lemon and ginger. It also has crushed peppermint and lemongrass added to the soap. I was able to choose this scent from her brochure. Out of the two soaps, this has a much stronger smell. The combination of the peppermint, ginger, and lemon is very clean. It gives you a very refreshing and clean feeling! It was so refreshing, that I went ahead and used it for my face! The peppermint exfoliated my skin! I loved it! I don't believe this was made as a face soap, however, it worked very well as that!

The second soap I tested was Mystical Magic. At first sight, the colors matched the name! This scent is not as strong as the first, however, I loved the smell! This soap was very soothing for me! This soap is one of her new scents she is testing out! So I am not sure what I am smelling...but it kind of has a vanilla/minty smell to it! This one was for sure my favorite scent!

Would I recommend this product? Of course! My package came very quickly! I loved the cute little heart shapes! This product is well made and Lady Bug Soaps has put a lot of thought and time into her scent combinations!

You can find Lady Bug Soaps at:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frayed Flower Headband

I love adding frayed flowers to headbands, clippies, and hats! It just adds a nice touch! I have gotten compliments for my frayed flower headbands. So I decided to show you guys how I make them!

Step One: Choose your fabric. You can choose as many colors/designs as you would like. Try to keep it simple.

Step Two: Cut out four sided flowers. I usually cut around 15 flowers (try to keep them the same size, although you can make a 2 or 3 of them bigger for the base petals).

Step Three: Fray the edges of your flowers.

Step Four: Put a dab of hot glue in the center of each flower and roll the flower between your fingers to sort of "mush" it up.

Step Five: This is when you start to glue each "flower" onto your headband (or felt if you are using this for a clip or hat). If you made bigger "flowers", use them on the bottom layer first.


Feel free to add tulle to your flower for a different look!

(This is an example of my frayed flower with tulle on a hat.)
Step Five (continued): Continue to glue the "flowers" in place.

Now we have our finished product!