Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cooking Once a Month?

A while back I had expressed my interest in freezer cooking.  It saves time and money, so it just makes sense to try out.  As you also know, I recently started dieting (again).  So as I was searching for recipes, I came across a page called Once a Month Mom.  I can not tell you how happy I was to find this site!  They have menus for diets, toddlers/babies, traditional menus, vegetarian menus, and even  dairy/gluten free menus!  This site is designed to teach you how to shop and prepare an entire months worth of meals in one day.  I don't have a giant freezer (cough, cough...Mr. T....if you're reading this...Mother's Day is Sunday!), so I don't think a months worth of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will fit in there.  So I'm starting smaller.

To start, I have combined some of my recipes with some of the recipes I found on Once a Month Mom (with a few adjustments to fit my families needs).  Here are the meals I chose:

Lasagna (I'm doing two versions, traditional and a white sauce)
Chicken Enchiladas
Stuffed Shells
Honey Orange Chicken
Chicken Burritos
Chicken Spring Rolls
Stuffed Buffalo Chicken
Chicken Kiev
Buffalo Chicken Wraps
Caesar Chicken (shredded chicken for sandwiches)
Pita Pizzas
Mexican Chicken Casserole
Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole
Egg Casserole

I chose these dishes since most of the ingredients are the same for different dishes.  I will post my shopping list as I finish it (watch for Cooking Once a Month Part 2).  I will also post each recipe as I make each dish.  Recipes that are not my own have been linked accordingly.  Happy cooking!

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