Thursday, July 7, 2011

Product Review: Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique

I think that this by far, is one of my favorite vendors!  Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique specializes in crocheted goods such as hats, shoes/slippers, and clothing!  If you follow my blog, you may remember that she was one of the vendors that donated a hat to the St. John's Mercy Pediatric Cancer Unit.  This is the hat she made!  She designed it after Captain America so one little boy could feel like a superhero!  Sugar Mama was also the reason I started my Facebook Page The Mommy Exchange!

(Captain America Hat ~ Donated to St. John's Mercy on 6/17/2011)

For my birthday, Sugar Mama sent me a pair of her super comfy Posh House Slippers!  I loved them so much, I had to order a pair for my daughter!  My little girl loves them!  I had to tear them off of her feet for this photo!  Since my daughter is in the in between sizes Sugar Mama offers, she took the time to edit her pattern to fit my daughters feet!  She has baby shoes starting at $6.99 all the way up to her adult slippers which run about $12.99.  You can customize your slippers with any of her yummy yarn color options!  For little feet, she also offer a skid resistant initial on the bottom of the shoes/slippers!

The owner, Amanda, has a heart of gold.  Her customer service is very personal, one on one.  She makes you feel as though her entire focus is on you (which it is when she starts on your items!)  Her products are very detailed and well made.  She has a constant flow of new orders coming in everyday!  This just means that there is a wait.  I ordered mine the beginning of June and received them the beginning of July!

When I say her products are very detailed, I mean she takes extra time to ensure that her products will last.  You won't be disappointed!

(My slippers were done in the Earth & Sky yarn options.  My daughter's slippers were done in Pretty 'n Pink & Spring Green with Lavender/Spring Green Soles to match her Tinkerbell Room!)

Make sure to check out her new website!  It is still under construction, but it's super fabulous!

How To Contact Sugar Mama:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Here comes the bride......

My husband and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary this October!  One thing I have always been with my husband is honest.  He knows everything that has ever happened to me, every thought I have, and every feeling.......except for one.  Certain life and family situations didn't allow for my husband and I to have "wedding".  So my husband and I, and our families, went down to the courthouse.  No dress, no flowers, no reception....not even a single picture.  At the time...none of this mattered.  I was marrying my best friend and the love of my life.  Now, it seems as though anytime I see a bride, look at a bouquet of flowers, or think about weddings, I just want to cry!  As a little girl, you dream of a big wedding, being walked down the aisle by your daddy, and going off to a romantic honeymoon.  So for me, it just seems like a big chunk of my life that was supposed to happen, was taken away.  Now the question...should this bother me as much as it does?