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My name is Kate.  I live with my family of four in St. Louis, MO (GO CARDS!).  I am a stay at home mom of two and love every minute of it!  When my husband and I decided to have our second child, we also decided I would stay home.  Our daughter was starting kindergarten and would be switching from a private school with affordable aftercare to a public school with not so affordable aftercare.  It made sense for our family for one of us to stay home.  Soon after the birth of our son (and purchase of a new car and our first home), my husband lost his job.  To make matters worse, he was denied unemployment initially.  What helped us get through this rough time and stabilize our finances was our savings, couponing, my mad deal finding skills, and my husband's negotiating skills.  I'm just a mom trying to figure out how to get things right!

Me and Mr. T in 2012

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