Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Diaper Challenge

Diapers are one of the biggest expenses you will endure when you have a baby.  There are different brands, each with different prices.  For almost all of us.....we want our baby to have the best, even if that means buying the most expensive diapers.  However, there are those of us that would rather save money buy buying the generic brands.  I'm not knocking generic/store brands at all.  In fact, I fed my son on store brand formula (if you want to know why I chose store brand formula to save a ton of money, check out my blog post about baby food).  I was 17 when I gave birth to my daughter.  So the cheapest diaper option is what I chose.  I quickly learned that this wasn't gonna happen  Between two babies, I have used Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and store brands from Walmart, Target, and my local grocery stores.  After much trial and error, I quickly learned that while a popular choice, Pampers didn't work for either baby.  They are also the priciest out of the brands I listed.  Huggies worked very well, but being on a budget meant I couldn't afford to keep my babies in them.  I found out that Luv's worked just as well as Huggies for me, for a fraction of the cost.  But this wasn't good enough for me.  How else could I save money?  My son can't handle the generic diapers at night because he pees a lot and they leak everywhere!  I have found that by using the generic diapers during the day at home, and saving the Luv's for nighttime or when we are out, I have cut my diaper budget in half!  It's amazing what a little patience and planning can do! 

What brand of diapers do you use?

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