Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recycling Green Onions

I have expressed my interest in being a green mom over the past year.  So when I found out I could regrow green onions from the could only imagine how intrigued I was!  After watching a few videos posted by MyInspiredCreation by Jane, I quickly jumped into this project. 
I have a nice big garden window that I was wanting to put to good use.  I started growing herbs and lettuce already.  Now, it's time for the green onions to take over!  I bought one bunch of green onions for $.69.  I used the tops in my recipe for Crock Pot Tacos, and I saved the white bottoms just for this little project.

Day 1:  After cutting off the tops, I planted most of my onion bottoms into a container.  I put three of them into water.  (I was told they would regrow either way)  Here is the three I put into water.

Day 2: As you can see, overnight my green onions quickly started to regrow!  (you can see my planted onions and arugula in the background!)

Day 4:  I am on day 4 of my regrowing process.  My planted onions are growing slightly slower than the water ones, but still growing nice and healthy!

Here are my water onions on day 4.  Nice and healthy!  I plan to post pictures to my Motherhood and Money on Facebook next week so you can see the progress. 

*I am a beginner when it comes to gardening.  This regrowing project is super simple and almost carefree!
Yahoo post on regrowing green onion.

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