Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Food

One thing that could really put a dent in your monthly budget is baby food. During the first few months of life, if you chose to formula feed, you could be dishing out up to $70 a month on formula alone. There are governement programs such as WIC that help out low income families, what about the rest of us? With my first child, I signed up for Enfamil Beginnings ( The sent me full size samples of formula every month as well as coupons. However, it wasn't until my second child that I found out about the Infant Formula Act. According to the IFA, all infant formulas are subject to the same regulations and ingredients. While they are lower in price, they are required to meet the same exact FDA requirements as all of the major brands ( After learning this, i discussed this option with my son's doctor. He agreed that I should switch to save money. I now save $10 per can (23.4 ounce can).

Another money saver when it comes to baby food is to make your own. You can purchase a baby food mill ( and grind up the foods your family already eats. How many of you had avacado as your first food or thought of giving it to your baby? This is a cheaper eco friendly option. Here are a few sites I found that offer you recipes for baby food, as well as advice on which foods to start your children on:

These sites offer samples as well as valuable coupons to save you money:


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