Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's For Dinner: Sweet & Sour BBQ Crock-Pot Riblets

I love anything that I can cook in a crock-pot!  I love being able to throw all of my ingredients in my crock pot in the morning, and by dinner time I have a full meal ready to go!  When planning a crock-pot meal, simplicity is the best policy.  The whole point of a no worry meal is keeping it simple. 

Another thing that I love is riblets!  My family is a huge fan of ribs (which I'd BBQ all summer long if I could afford to!).  Riblets are the ends that are cut off so that the racks of ribs are uniform.....so really, they are the scraps.  This is why you can buy a large family pack for super cheap!

How to make crock-pot riblets:

This morning I pulled out my pack of riblets from the fridge.  I seasoned them with salt and pepper (that's it!).  In my crock-pot I poured: 1 bottle of BBQ sauce (I like the honey flavored one), 1 bottle of sweet and sour sauce, 1 can of pineapple slices (I used half of the juices), and one bottle of sun dried tomato marinade that we picked up from the country store when we went apple picking last year!  I also added about 3 tablespoons of hot sauce (this is optional).  I stirred and then added my riblets.  Once I made sure they were all covered in sauce, I turned it on low. 

Viola!  So simple....so juicy....and so cost effective!


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Thank you so much! This would be a great idea for us to make and it would be quick:)

Retail Therapy Lounge said...

Always looking for quick recipes! This looks tasty!

Jenn@Couponing Away Debt said...

My husband would LOVE this!

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