Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Save Money on Gas

Last week I posted on my personal Facebook page that I filled up my car for under $10, only paying $1.15 per gallon (FYI, gas here is about $3.15 per gallon right now).  Of course I was bombarded with questions about how I managed to do that.  If you're guessing another rewards'd be right!  We signed up, for the Fuel Rewards Network from Shell almost 2 years ago, and we love it!  FRN is a FREE loyalty program that helps us save on our gas purchase by rewarding us cents off per gallon when we shop online, eat out, buy groceries, redeem e-coupons, use your Mastercard, fill up at our local Shell, or make purchases inside our Circle K.  Points add up pretty quick (so quick that some people can fill up for $.01 per gallon!).  Every once in a while FRN offers a special reward for it's members, like randomly offering $.03 off per gallon for the month of December (or something along those lines).  Gas is such a heavy expense for a lot of families, so why not help take the ease off at the pump for little to no effort!  Find out more about how you can save on your family's gas budget here.

During the month of February, when use your FRN card to fill up at Shell four times, you’ll earn $.25 per gallon!

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