Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ladies First

We live during a time where chivalry has been all but lost, women are stronger and more independent, and gender neutrality has become the way of life.  But is it still fair to raise your sons and daughters differently?  Is it vital for their success, or will it hold them back?  I'll admit, I raise my son and daughter in different ways.  Now, before you start sending hate mail, hear me out.  In my house, I say "ladies first", but not for my daughter's benefit, and certainly not to stroke her ego and think she's somehow better than my son, I do this for my son's benefit.  I want him to grow up knowing how to treat women with respect and dignity.  I feel as though by instilling chivalry in him, he will grow into a gentleman.  As for my daughter, I have raised her to understand that she won't always come first.  I don't want her to ever expect a man to allow her allow her to pass first.  In the end, I try to teach my children to respect everyone, regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation, or religion.  But for me, right now, ladies must come first for my son.

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