Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 and my Personal Priorities: Saving More Money

It's January 1st already, so that means it's day of my resolution, to save more money!  Luckily, the hubby is off today, which gives us an opportunity to sit down, discuss our goals for the year, discuss our needs and wants, create a financial plan, and talk about ways we plan on saving money.  Over the past few weeks, I've sounded somewhat like a broken record........this year we will hold ourselves accountable for our spending.  People who know me give me crazy looks when I say I want to save more money (I mean, I already coupon like crazy, cut back on eating out, reduced our energy use, etc, etc, etc.....).  I plan on updating my progress the last Friday of every month, so keep me in check people!  Cheers to the New Year!

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