Wednesday, January 8, 2014

10 Things Your Guy Wants to Hear

As I was scrolling through my Facebook tonight, I came across an article entitled "16 Things Every Girl Should Hear From Their Boyfriends".  Now, as a mother of a young girl, I would hope that my daughter finds a man who would treat her with the utmost respect.  However, I would also hope that she would treat her man with the same respect that she demands.  With that said, I have been coming across a lot of articles like this one lately.  It got me thinking..........what about the guys?  Do they not deserve to be treated like a prince?  So I sat down and thought about all of the things my husband would want to hear from me (keeping it PG of course), and I compiled a list of 10 things I think every guy should hear from his lady.

1. "I respect you enough to let you be the man."  Now don't go crazy here ladies, hear me out.  Guys like to feel as though they are in charge.  So why not give your guy enough respect to make him feel like he's the man of the house?

2. "I appreciate everything you do for me."  If your guy works hard, let him know how much you appreciate it.

3. "You're right."  For a guy to be right during an argument with his lady, that's huge!  (Hehe)  Why not acknowledge when he's right, we sure enough let him know when he's wrong.

4. "I love you."  Plain and simple.  If you love him, let him know!

5. "You look very handsome."  How does it make you feel when you're told you're beautiful?  Good, right?  So make him feel good too.

6. "I forgive you."  If your guy has upset you, or hurt you......let him know when you have forgiven him.  Don't make him go around feeling down about making you feel bad.  That wouldn't be good for anyone.

 7. "Can you help me?"  Now don't ask him to do everything for you.  But ladies, ask for help opening that pickle jar.  It gives him a chance to show off his muscles!

8. "I have confidence in you."  If he's got something big coming up, or doesn't have faith in himself......give him an extra boost.  Let him know how confident you are in him.  You'd be surprised how great it will make him feel.

9. "I trust you."  So many guys live life thinking they don't have the trust of their lady.  Let him know there is nothing to be worried about, and that you do trust him.

10. Tell him what you want.  I have got a huge secret.......guys can't read minds!  Tell your guy what you want, how else is he going to know?   

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