Friday, June 24, 2011

Product Review: CreaClip

Today I received my long awaited CreaClip!  I found out about this company through Facebook and was intrigued by it!

The CreaClip is a set of two clamps (a large white one and a smaller blue one).  These clamps hold your hair in place so you can cut/trim it on your own.  It works for straight bangs, long hair, layers, side bangs, and trimming your hair!

CreaClip was nominated as "The Best New Product of the Year" by The Stevie Awards for Women in Business!

My package arrived very quickly!  It came with two clips, one for the front and one for the back.

My camera isn't being nice, so I am not able to post before and after pictures as I would have liked to.  At first the larger clip wasn't holding my hair.  But after a few times, I got it!  I layered my hair.  I also decided to give myself side bangs!

The end result......LOVE IT!

I paid $30 (plus s&h) for a product that I can use over and over instead of paying $30 per haircut!  This product is well worth the price!  I plan to use this on my daughter.  Hopefully it will be easier!

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