Thursday, October 24, 2013

Options, Potty Training, and a Three Year Old

My son turned three this past August.  Leading up to his birthday, he still wanted a bottle at bedtime, and would stay up all night screaming until he got one.  After his third, I knew I was doing something wrong......he wouldn't give his bottle up!  Earlier this week, I grabbed all of his bottles and threw them in the trash.......with my three year old watching.  His jaw dropped, time slowed down, the background zoomed out as his face became the focus on my attention.....and then it happened.  My son threw his body into the corner of the kitchen.  He began the tantrum of his life!  After about five minutes of screaming, he curled up into the fetal position and began to rock....."what did mom just do?".  It took him a while to regain composer.  He moved on with his day, but he surely remembered the horrific event that had just taken place.  When Daddy came home, the first thing he told him was "Mommy threw the bottles in the trash!".  The hubby and I knew it was going to be a long night.  As we placed him down for bed, he asked for a bottle, the hubby reminded him what Mommy had done.  So he rolled over, closed his eyes, and tried to forget.....falling asleep while doing so.  Since this tragedy, he has had no problem falling asleep.  The idea was, if I didn't give him the option of having a bottle, then maybe he would just roll over and fall asleep without one.

While the bottle fight was happening, we noticed our son, the three year old, was starting to try to sneak snacks.  At lunch time he would eat his cookies, and then avoid his sandwich and fruit.  He would avoid anything nutritional at every meal time, if he knew he had options.  So this week, and the grocery store, we walked down the snack aisle.  We passed by every single one of his favorite snacks without grabbing any of them.  We circled back around to the produce, where I asked for his input on what to buy.  So for lunch today, instead of a snack, fruit, and sandwich, my son got fruit, a veggie, and a sandwich.  He didn't have the option of a cookie or chips, and guess what....he ate every bit of his lunch!

So what does this have to do with potty training?  Options!  My son knows we have pull-ups and diapers in the house.  With every issue we've had with my son, we've stopped giving him options, and have come out victorious!  We have decided to one day soon, throw out all of his diapering gear, and no longer give him the option of diapers and pull-ups.  Fingers crossed this will work!

What potty training tips do you have?

*Update: We "tossed out" all of his diapering gear (by tossed out, I mean we threw it into a clean trash can, and the hubby dug it back out when my son wasn't looking).  Let's just say I spent the entire day cleaning pee off of my floor.  We are still working on potty training him, but aren't having any luck.  Rewards aren't working, letting him run around nakey doesn't work.  Why is it potty training doesn't get any easier on child #2?

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