Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Home Management Binder

It's been a while since I've done a post, but I figured I would write one over a project I have recently home management binder.  I always have 2,000 things bouncing around in my head.  Add the fact that I'm a bit Type A/OCD, and you'll understand why I needed a binder!  As you can imagine, no two binders are ever the same.  My binder includes sections for school, Girl Scouts, a register for our bank account, medical information, bills, etc...  Whenever I get a bill, I toss it in.  When my kid brings papers home from school, they get tossed in.  I have a section for receipts, online orders, I even have a sheet with upcoming (FREE/LOCAL) activities for our family.  I browsed lots of different sites to find different templates to fit my binder (as well as made some of my own).  I bought a large binder, and still have room to add sections if I need to.  But for now, my binder seems to be keeping my cluttered mind on track!  So, while I go scrub the blue marker off of my 3 year old's face, you can check out these free printable binder sheets I found (and LOVE!).  Make sure to check out the blogs they came from to find more great printable sheets!

Found this blank calendar (and more) over at DIY Home Sweet Home.

This weekly planner was found over at The Peaceful Mom.

I found this daily planner (and lots more sheets) over at World Label.

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