Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY: Stick Vase

This isn't a new concept by any means!  However, I have always wanted to try this project!  So today, I picked up some twigs and sticks from the backyard (took forever thanks to the dog!).  I had an old baby food jar that I decided to use.  Now, this project can be used with cans as well.  Also, if you want to use it as a candle holder, use something with a bigger opening.

To make this more natural, I trimmed the sticks to different lengths, but kept them about the same height as the jar.

Glue a few sticks at a time.  Mix textures, colors, and size.  Once they are secure, you can continue.

Viola'!  I liked it, but it needed something more......


It's January, so I don't have any flowers I can pick....however, I may put some rosemary from my garden (which seems to just keep growing!) in it for now!

Simple, natural, cute, and FREE!  What an awesome way to decorate and be green!  This took me about 10 minutes to complete!
Yahoo post on DIY Stick Vase

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