Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How-To Make a Lined Alligator Clip Bow

Making a custom clippie for you or your little one is easy!  You can create a custom piece for any outfit or occasion!  here is my tutorial to show you a basic clippie bow!

1. Cut your ribbon (3/8') to the length of your clip (remember, it must wrap around to the back of the clip as well).

2. Seal the ends of your ribbon to prevent fraying (use a lighter to seal the edges).

3. Put hot glue half way down your ribbon

4.  Wrap the glued ribbon around your clip.  Start underneath the top part of the clip as pictured.

5. Put glue on top part of clip, continue until the entire top portion is covered.

6. Put hot glue on the remainder of ribbon (bottom part of ribbon that will be toughing the clip).

7.  Continue to wrap your ribbon until you come to the end.  You now have a lined clip!  You can leave it as is, or decorate it!

8.  For a super simple bow, cut any ribbon (I used 5/8" satin/sheer) to approx. 2" in length.

9. Create a simple bow.  Make sure you secure your bow with a quick stitch.

10.  Now you can wrap the center of your bow to cover the thread and glue it to your clip!

You can now create and kind of clippie you'd like!  Attach bows, buttons, and any other embellishments you'd like!  Have fun!!!  These also make great party favors and gifts!!!

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