Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Dreaded Diet: Day One

After talking with my husband, I have decided that it is time, I need to go on a serious diet.  Weight gained from each kid and the lack of energy to keep up with any strict routine has caused my weight and body to spiral out of control.  Am I comfortable with my body?  No.  I am embarrassed about my weight?  Of course.  So why am I going to be sharing this with you?  My strategy is that support from my followers and putting my goal out there may help me stick to what I need to. 

Today is day one of my diet.

Height: 5'9"
Weight:.............255 lbs.

Weight: 155 lbs.

Goal for the month of April: 10 lbs. lost.

Here we go!  Wish me luck!

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AmandaN80 said...

Good Luck! Water, water, water!! Im also doing a healthy diet. Drink tons of water, stick to lean meats if any and fruits and veggies!