Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Getting Ready for Spring!

Spring is almost here (FINALLY!).  As the days get longer, and it starts to get warmer, we tend to “wake up” and have the urge to get things done.  I don’t know about your house, but during the winter, the kids are playing inside most of the time, and things get broken and dirty.  I like to get started on my “spring cleaning” early so that when the weather does get really nice, we can be outside instead of inside cleaning!  I compiled a list of things my family needs to tackle now that spring is around the corner.

Spring To-Do List:

Examine the house.  Yep, inside and out.  I like to check for leaky pipes, potential basement leaks, anything outside that could have been damaged during the winter.  I make a list of everything that needs to be repaired and cleaned so there is no question about what needs to be done.  I noticed that water wasn't draining away from my home properly, so this year I plan to correct that problem.

Yard work.  I know, I know……but you see, we haven’t had to do yard work all winter.  This year I have to rake up leaves, dispose of my dead flowering bush, prep the garden, and lay down mulch.  I consider cleaning the gutters as part of yard work, so the hubby shall have the honors of doing that (I hate being on the roof).  This also includes starting you seedlings if you garden (I've got flowers, cabbage, and collards ready to go!).

Decluttering and organizing.  I told my hubby this year we need to find a home for every item in our house.  If it doesn't have a home, it’s getting tossed, donated, or it's going to be listed on Listia!  We also toss out (or donate) old and broken toys.  We love to create and craft during the spring and summer, so anything we can save for that, we do.  I also like to take time to clean out and reorganize the pantry (which becomes cluttered after Christmas baking).

Switch to spring.  Yep, switch to spring…..that’s what I said!  I don’t know about you, but there are certain colors and items that are season specific in my home.  I like to brighten things up once spring rolls around.  Switch out the bed sheets, switch out pillows and decor, and pull back the drapes.  We put away the winter clothing and bring out the spring clothing.  Spring is usually the time of year we paint.  I mean, the house is getting organized and cleaned, so if painting is on your list, do it now!  I literally switch my house to spring!

DEEP CLEAN!  Like I said, you've probably been in your house for the majority of winter, which means dirty germs lurk everywhere!  Mop, scrub, dust, polish, disinfect………do whatever you need to get your home clean.  I start from the top and work my way down.  Best way to tackle deep cleaning is to focus on one room at a time.  That way you don’t see it as the entire house that needs to be cleaned, but rather that small area of the house.

Focus on healthy.  I'll admit, I eat one too many helpings at Thanksgiving, and one too many Christmas cookies around the holidays.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, clean up your diet too.  Fresh fruits and veggies are going to be in season soon, so freshen up your diet!  We love hitting up our local farmer's market for fresh, local produce, cheese, honey, and even meat!  We also take advantage of the pick-your-own produce farms (can you say fresh berries......yum!).    

Now you just need to light a candle, grab an iced tea, and read a book while the sun shines down on you!  Happy spring cleaning mommies (and daddies)!  

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