Thursday, March 6, 2014

Girl Scout Camp: Crackle Candle

Remember last month when I went to Girl Scout camp?  Well, they taught us a bunch of different crafts that we could go back and do with our troops.  I just so happened to take the candle making class, which focused on 4 types of candles......including this crackle candle.  Now, since I made this at camp, I don't have a step by step photo tutorial, but lucky for us, this isn't hard at all!


Wax (Tip: save the last bit of wax from your candles to melt down.  You can add this to the wax you buy at the store to save money)
Small taper candle (We used a small taper candle only about 3 1/2 inches tall - or as tall as your carton)
Milk/juice carton (We used recycled milk cartons from school lunches - when opened all the way, they were about 4 inches tall)
Ice (Crushed)


To start you'll want to melt your wax.  TIP: Melt your wax in a crock pot.  It will melt evenly, stay melted for long periods of time, and when you're finished and it's cooled down, it will pop right out for easy clean up (and yes, the camp instructor told us we can then turn around and make chili in the same crock pot!)  While the wax is melting, make sure your milk cartons are clean and dry.  You'll want to make sure to open the top all the way.  Take a taper candle, and hot glue it into the bottom of each carton.  This will be your wick, so make sure it is centered.  The next steps go very fast, so be ready to move it.  Next, you are going to make sure the ice for all of the candles is crushed and ready to go.  Have each girl fill their carton with crushed ice.  Fill it up to the top of t he candle, but be sure to leave the wick exposed.  Next, have each girl (one at a time) fill their carton up with hot wax.  Grab a ladle, and pour it over the ice as quickly as possible because the ice will start to melt.....which will cause the crackle effect.  Let the candle sit and cool.  Once it's hardened all of the way, pour the water out, and remove the carton.  The kids will have fun seeing what happened to their candle!

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