Monday, March 10, 2014

Personal Priorities: Saving Money in 2014: UPDATE

Ok, I'll admit, I've been slacking on posting about my New Years Resolution!  If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know I got off to a rocky start in January.  Made an impulse purchase that really upset me in the end.  However, we pulled it back together!  We now make sure we put money into savings every single check.....before any money is spent.  I'm not going to lie, money has been on the tight side, but for good reason.  Last August I noticed we owed $14,000 on our car (which is going to be 4 years old with less than 50k miles on it this August).  That didn't sit well with me.  So every extra dollar we could afford, went to paying down the car.  As of today, our car is 100% paid off!  Now we can focus on bulking up our savings.  Never have I been more excited!  Our saving has also allowed us to take our first family vacation this year (3 more months!).

So what have I been doing to save money so far:

  • Paid off the car
  • Couponing: the past 2-3 months have been all about stocking up.
  • Selling our kids old clothes: thank you JBF!
  • Putting more focus on my garden: the more fresh produce I can supply for my family, the better.
  • Cleaning and organizing: finding new uses for old items, making sure we aren't buying what we already have.
  • Turned the thermostat down by two degrees and shortened showers.
  • Taken advantage of free events and classes for the kids (and us adults!).
So there you have it.  Combine that with how I've already saved money, and we've got ourselves some great savings around our house.  Let's just hope the next few months will prove easier in my mission to save more (while doing more).  Wish me luck!

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