Wednesday, March 27, 2013

$10 off $50 Thursday at Shop N Save

It's back!  Shop N Save is having their $10 off $50 Thursday sale!  A lot of us are still couponed out from Schnucks and Dierbergs Super Triple Coupon sales last week!  However, I think I'm going to push through my coupon exhaustion and get some more groceries for the house.  I like to stock up on shelf stable foods in the winter since the Spring and Summer is spent in my garden and at the local farmer's market (which you can't coupon at).  So this may be my last hoo-rah for a few months. 
Here are two shopping trip scenarios for this Thursday:

For scenario #1, I have a $2 off coupon for chicken wyb any 2 Miracle Whip.  Last night I saw Shop N Save has chicken on sale for $.99 per pound.......I also found a package for $2.75.  Let's assume I get my chicken for $2.81.
My total before coupons would be $50 even (I am not including tax since it differs slightly for every area).  I have $40.35 in coupons (this includes the $10 off and a $5 off coupon from this year's Entertainment coupon books).  My total after coupons would be $9.65!  Again, this is without tax and assuming that my chicken will be $2.81.
*I messed up.  My Coupon for the Kentucky Legend Ham is for $2 off, not $1.
For scenario #2 the savings aren't as great, but still an awesome deal!  I found the Kentucky Legend Hams from $6.25 and up.  Let's assume I find a ham for $7 here. 
My total before coupon would be $51.59 (again, without tax).  I have $30.25 in coupons (which also includes the $10 off an $5 Entertainment coupon).  My total after (before tax) would be $21.34.  Also, if you look near the beer section, they have been placing lots of rebates.  One is for $4 back when you buy a ham or turkey.  Check and see if they still have those rebate forms.  If the do, that would be $6 off any one ham.  Awesome deal if you are able to get it!
While you're at Shop N Save tomorrow, in addition to looking for those rebate forms, keep your eyes open for coupons on actual products.  Lots will have them tomorrow!
Get your coupons ready to head to Shop N Save tomorrow!  Lots of awesome deals with or without coupons to look for!

FREE gallon of Snapple Tea wyb ANY SIZE ham.  Check for the Kentucky Legend $2 off coupon (I got my ham for $4.56 after coupon) plus check the beer section for the $4 rebate wyb ANY size ham (over $4).
Duncan Hines Frosting Creations are $.75 -- the $1 off coupon makes them free!
The $3 off wyb any 5 of the products listed in the ad is taken off BEFORE the $10 is.
You can only use 1 Mircale Whip coupon (in ad) per purchase.
C&H Light supar packets are on sale for $1.75, check to see if you have a $1 off coupon from a few weeks ago.
Krave cereal has a $3 milk wyb any 3 Kellog's cereals peelie.


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