Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ticket Stub Collage Project

I like to keep things.  Ok, maybe I like to keep everything!  But I'm by no means a hoarder.  I know when it's time to let something go.  But when it comes to sentimental objects, there is no letting go.  I have large tubs full of everything from pictures, to ticket stubs, to cards, everything that means anything.  So I was browsing around on Pinterest one day (as I normally do), and I came across a pin for a ticket stub collage.  Of course, I have plenty of tickets, so it had to be done!  This project was so easy, I don't need step by step photos.  All you do is pick out your frame.  Place your tickets in any arrangement on inside of the frame (I used a tiny bit of tape to make sure nothing moved.  You can bend, fold, or cut the edges that overhang before you put the back on.  Then you just hang it up.  That simple!  I gave this to my hubby for Valentine's Day, but I had to add a few more tickets today!  Now to find a great craft idea for all of these cards!  

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