Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garlic Bread Pizza

So the other day, I was going through my mail, when I came across a Pizza Hut ad for Garlic Bread Pizza. The first the to pop into my head was "why the F didn't I think of that!"  Of course I had to make some now!  It would be wrong if I didn't.  Right?  This ingredients cost me $8 (plus I have enough cheese, sauce, and pepperoni left to make two more meals using garlic bread, french bread, or crescent rolls).


Garlic bread (I used Texas Toast brand with the cheese on it!)
Pizza or pasta sauce (I actually took a can of tomatoes, $.35, oregano, basil, and a dash of wine, blended and simmered it.)
Mozzarella cheese
Pepperoni slices
Tomato (I had one sitting around)


Line your garlic bread in a baking dish.  Top with sauce, cheese, and then toppings (in that order).  Bake according to the directions on the box of garlic bread,  Feeds 4-8 people.

It's as simple as that!  And it was such a hit with my family too!  I've got a can of crescent rolls in the fridge, so I think I'll try pizza roll bites tomorrow with my leftover ingredients!  Bon' appetite!  

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