Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last week I was sitting down with my husband.  He was preparing for his college graduation.  I started to feel like I have yet to find my place (I mean, besides being a mommy and a wife).  I had not finished the business degree that I let my hubby talk me into (yuck.... business!).  As I was sitting there, I started thinking about our current education system.  Times are changing, and more is expected of people, and the basis for a person is what they learn in elementary school.  So as I sat there thinking, I blurted out, "I want to be a teacher".  Without even thinking, my husband's response was "you'd make a great teacher, I think you should enroll in school."  Within the next 48 hours, my husband had found a school with a great education program, helped me fill out an application, and I was given a counselor and enrolled.  Not even a week later and I am scheduled for my first class.  It's amazing how quickly things can move!  I asked my hubby what he thought of me going back to school, and he said that's what he wanted from me all along, but he never wanted to force it onto me.  And when I asked him about my choice in majors, he said that he knew I would chose it eventually.  (On a side note, my grandmother has been teaching for 60+ years).  Here we go....the start of yet another adventure in my life!

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