Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences

Last night we had our parent teacher conference with our daughter's teacher. The evening consisted of the teacher telling us how smart, independent, and determined our little girl is. She is in kindergarten, but in writing, reading, and math, she is at the first grade level. Reading with your child every night and answering their completely random questions is important to their development. Every child deserves to start school on the right foot. Why not give them a head start. When your little one asks you to spell 200 words during the drive to the grocery store, she's not doing it just to be funny. Humor her, tell her how words are spelled, and then help her sound them out. Just by doing smalls things such as that, you will be giving your child one of the greatest gifts, a head start to their academic future. Just remember, one day, you'll have to rely on your children to help you!

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