Saturday, March 5, 2011

Product Review: Lady Bug Soaps

Today I received my samples of Fairie Meadows and Mystical Magic from Lady Bug Soaps! As I opened my mailbox I could smell the sweet aroma! This made me excited to open the package!

Left: Fairie Meadows, Right: Mystical Love

Fairie meadow is made up of peppermint with a touch of lemon and ginger. It also has crushed peppermint and lemongrass added to the soap. I was able to choose this scent from her brochure. Out of the two soaps, this has a much stronger smell. The combination of the peppermint, ginger, and lemon is very clean. It gives you a very refreshing and clean feeling! It was so refreshing, that I went ahead and used it for my face! The peppermint exfoliated my skin! I loved it! I don't believe this was made as a face soap, however, it worked very well as that!

The second soap I tested was Mystical Magic. At first sight, the colors matched the name! This scent is not as strong as the first, however, I loved the smell! This soap was very soothing for me! This soap is one of her new scents she is testing out! So I am not sure what I am smelling...but it kind of has a vanilla/minty smell to it! This one was for sure my favorite scent!

Would I recommend this product? Of course! My package came very quickly! I loved the cute little heart shapes! This product is well made and Lady Bug Soaps has put a lot of thought and time into her scent combinations!

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