Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home Remedies?

Like every mom, I like to think that I have the answer to everything. However, I don't. I asked my fans via Facebook what they would like to read about in my next blog. I was given the idea about home remedies for aches and pains. Besides the basic heating pads, ice packs, and muscle rub, my knowledge of this topic is limited. I wanted to go past just the aches and pains, I wanted to find remedies for various conditions: dry skin, acne, oily hair, etc. You would be surprised at the strange things people come up with! For the record, before you try anything at home, make sure it is safe! These are a few ideas I found that worked well for me:

*To help lift your spirits or relieve a headache, try brewing rosemary as a tea. The taste will be strong, but it is quite relaxing.

*For a stomach ache, drink tea with lemon and honey. This will also help chest congestion, a cough, or a sore throat caused by a cold.

*For an oily scalp, apply astringent, yes the kind you use for your face.

*Witch hazel not only helps with an Itch, but acne as well.

*Not sure about this one, but it is said if you grate a piece of ginger, squeeze the juice from it, and rub it on your belly, it will help ease a stomach ache.

*Freeze a cotton swab soaked with eye drops, such as Visine. Place it on your blemish (pimple) until the solution defrosts. The coldness will help reduce swelling while the solution zaps the redness.


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