Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Real Life, Not So Perfect Mom

Every morning I follow the same routine.  I wake up, get my older kid off to school, then the little guy and I eat breakfast together while he watches his favorite Disney cartoons, and I enjoy a cup of coffee while I do my daily web surfing (checking email, checking deals, and of course, checking Pinterest).  As I sit here this morning looking up Easter ideas on Pinterest, I see all of the mommy bloggers, who are up early every morning, lean house, beds made, kids perfectly happy and oh so photogenic, everything seems to be in perfect order.  Then I look kitchen table still has groceries on it from two days ago, my kids didn't do their chores last night (which means I get to pick up toys), and my son (as I speak) has spilled his cereal all over the floor.  Looks like I'll be busy cleaning all day (only to have it undone by the time I get back from Girl Scouts tonight).  Heck, if it wasn't for Girl Scouts, I probably wouldn't bother changing from my pajamas today!  My kids annoy the crap out of me!  My 3 year old son is very temperamental right now and by the way he's eating, I'm pretty sure he's either going through a growth spurt, or her has turned into a mini teenage boy.  Then there's my daughter.  I have to repeat everything to this kid!  Just this morning, I had to tell her 8 times to put her belt on, and she lied twice about having it on!  She even stood over me making annoyed sounds (while I was still sleeping), just waiting for me to put her hair up.  As crazy as my kids drive me (let's throw the hubby in there just for fun too!), I love them so very much.  You see, as crazy, annoying, and chaotic as my house is, I've realized I have to focus on the positive over the negative.  As much as I wish my house was well kept like the Pinterest homes, I'm just a real life, no so perfect mom.  Now, if you don't mind, we've got cereal to clean up!

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