Monday, April 1, 2013

Earn Easy Cash with Quick Rewards

Like everyone else, I am in love with these reward sites that offer great prizes and cash in return for using their search engine and taking surveys!  One of my recent favorites has become Quick Rewards.  This site doesn't offer HUGE amounts of cash (unless you take a bunch of surveys), but earning an extra $.01 - $2 a day is pretty nice.  What I love about this particular site is that you can cash out with as little as $.01 (yes.....ONE PENNY!).  No way you say?  Well.....check out my cash outs from this week:   
 In 6 days I made an extra $.52 that went straight into my PayPal.  I transferred so little just to show that you can cash out with as little as you choose.  Plus, I didn't do anything but use their search engine a few times a day.  THAT'S ALL!  Can't wait to see how my money adds up when I start doing their surveys. 

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