Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My husband's job is to make the money, and my save it.  Living on a single income means we need to get creative, and explore our options.  We have upgraded some of our credit cards to have rewards so we can get cash back, I enter giveaways, sign up for freebies, clip coupons, and get samples galore!

A little less than a year ago...I was introduced to a site called Swagbucks.  Most of my readers probably already enjoy the benefits of being a Swag member.  But for those of you who don't let me explain what it is. 
Swagbucks is a rewards site.  It's FREE to sign up, and FREE to use.  This is probably the most simple ways to earn free stuff!  I set Swagbucks as my home page.  I use their search engine as opposed to other popular options (Google,Yahoo, Bing, etc...).  I randomly earn Swagbucks that I can save and redeem for prizes such as gift cards, electronics, magazine subscriptions, baby gear, beauty products, and much....MUCH more!  To earn more Swagbucks, you can take part in the daily pool or complete surveys.  Also, every hour a 1000 Swagbucks winner is chosen. 

The best part...when you sign up, get your friends to sign up to.  Because when they earn, you earn (which makes it a little easier for you to get the prizes you want!)

Search & Win

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